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EPAS: Updates to standards and guidance 2019

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EPAS Standards and Guidance: Updates 2019

EFMD revises the documentation supporting EPAS periodically and updates are normally provided at the start of each calendar year.  QED’s overview of the updates made as part of the 2018 publication, together with an assessment of the significance of the change can be found in this downloadable PDF file.

Whilst most changes are unlikely to be significant, there are a small number which should be considered by institutions within the accreditation process OR preparing for re-accreditation.  NB:  The  document represents QED’s interpretation of the EPAS Updates.  We recommend that you view the updated documents directly – which are available from EFMD’s website:


As above, QED’s summary of the updates across the key documents is available in this downloadable PDF file.


For advice and further details on any of the above, please contact the QED Accreditation Team at