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Best Practice Workshops, Seminars
and Webinars

Tap into our experience. Learn from our 20 years of learning. Hear about what works and what doesn’t in schools all over the world.


1 to 1 Leadership

Explore your goals and get clarity, resilience and confidence. This is coaching but specifically focused on best practice and international accreditation.



Best Practice Workshops, Seminars and Webinars

Tap into our experience. Learn from our 20 years of learning. Explore what works and what doesn’t in schools all over the world

Best Practice Workshops

We have developed a series of “Best Practice” workshops, which can be delivered on-site at your school in a cost-effective manner.  All of QED’s workshops have been developed with international accreditation standards in mind, but are relevant to any business school that is serious about continuous improvement.

Our Best Practice Series includes:

  • Best Practice 1: Making Mission & Vision work for your school
  • Best Practice 2: Learning Assurance & Learning Outcomes: An Accreditation-based Approach
  • Best Practice 3: Building the Ideal Faculty Profile
  • Best Practice 4: Impact: Measurement and Evidence
  • Best Practice 5: Leading the Accreditation Process


We run everything from 1-hour seminars all the way up to bespoke residential retreats helping faculty and staff understand key aspects of accreditation and how they need to prepare and work together towards success.

Typical topics include:

  • The Accreditation Process: How to set your School up for success
  • Introduction to International Business School Accreditation
  • Equis demystified
  • Preparing for the Peer Review visit
  • Leadership development for deans, faculty and executive teams

Seminars can be based on standard content, or be created bespoke for your school.


We are now sharing our experiences from successful accreditation projects (with schools in over 20 countries) through a series of practical, interactive and topical webinars. Each webinar is aimed to help those working in business schools better understand the complex world of accreditation. The webinars are 45 minutes long and include best practice advice, hard learned lessons, practical tips and plenty of Q&A.

Recent topics include:

  • Mission & Vision: Why all the Fuss? (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Faculty Qualifications: What’s really required for Accreditation?
  • First Steps towards Accreditation: Lessons from Experience and Best Practice

Explore past sessions or sign up for future webinars (for free) HERE.

"I expected a high quality workshop and was impressed that the facilitators exceeded my expectations. They were knowledgeable, clear, concise, focused, engaged and engaging. They listened actively and seemed 100% present and committed to helping us get the most from ourselves, each other and the session."

Rebecca KihlmanMetropolia Business School, Finland

"This QED Webinar on faculty qualifications was an exciting high-speed journey through the major international business school accreditations and their requirements regarding faculty qualifications. Even though I am mainly concerned with AACSB accreditation and already know a lot about their standards, it was very valuable to get such a concise overview of all the other options. Actually the comparison helped me sharpen my understanding for what it expected by AACSB."

Uli MathiesIBS Groningen, Hanze, Netherlands

"The QED AA webinar provides concrete and rapidly actionable advice on subjects that are central to the concerns of accreditation managers. The QED AA team is knowledgeable, professional and completely on message with respect to our accreditation requirements. I highly recommend the webinars both for those who are new to accreditations as well as those with a bit more experience but looking for a new perspective on well-known themes."

Julie Perrin-HalotGrenoble École de Management, France

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1 to 1 Leadership Coaching

Through focused 1 to 1 sessions we work with deans and managers of accreditation. We both challenge and support you to take a real leadership role in the accreditation project and attain clarity, focus and resilience.

Pathways vary. For example, we can…

  • Help you to get clear about your leadership Vision and Mission and your personal Values
  • Stop you from worrying about imagined or insignificant challenges
  • Help you to get structure: prioritise and clear your mind
  • Unearth how you will get buy-in from faculty and key stakeholders
  • Define the size of your challenges, (and likely costs and timeframes), so you can get on with solutions, determine your key limitations and milestones, and remain focused on the prize
  • Provide a different perspective so you can base decisions not only upon your own experiences, but also on the successes and lessons from countless deans around the world.

Wondering what it is like working with us?

We can connect you with a recent client. You can discuss experiences with them