AACSB: Exposure Draft 1 of 2020 Business Accredition Standards

By 17th September 2019Resource

AACSB: Release of Exposure Draft 1

AACSB’s Business Accreditation Task Force has released Exposure Draft 1 of the revised Business Accreditation Standards.  The feedback window is open until November 16th 2019, and all Business Schools and related stakeholders are encouraged to read the documents and provide feedback.

The documents provided as part of the release include:

The proposed framework comprises nine standards (down from 15 standards) in three sections:

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Learner Success
  3. Thought Leadership

QED will undertake its own detailed review over the coming weeks – but from a preliminary read, it does appear that AACSB is incorporating a stronger statement of its principles-based approach – focusing on the substance of continuous improvement over a strict compliance-based approach.


For advice or comments on any of the above, please contact the QED Accreditation Team at info@QEDaccreditation.com.  Direct comments and feedback on the standards should also be emailed directly to the BATF.